Special Arrangements / Serial Charters / Corporate Shuttles

The in-depth knowledge of aviation makes Nordic Air Brokers AB the perfect partner when it comes to special flights. There are several occasions when you need a special transport where we will be able to discuss the options. All requests for special flights are welcome where we discuss relevance.

Serial Charters / Company shuttles

We make sure that when you need an aircraft repeatedly between different airports in the range from a few numbers of passengers to larger amounts we’ll offer the best solution. It might be for staff rotations, a car launch or something else. These requests normally require a meeting after initial discussion.

Urban areas

If you are looking into a flight to a remote location it will be difficult to reach with scheduled carriers. Our services will guide you how to get there in the most effective manner and also provide helicopter services when the final urban destination lacking an airport.


Nordic Lights (Aurora Borealis)

There are many groups and individuals interested in the Nordic Lights, sometimes called the Polar Lights, where we make book the flight to the choice of your own, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland. We do not only book your charter, we are also making it possible to fly under the skies these nights. Our services will guide you how to get there in the most effective manner and also provide flight services on site if requested. Give us a call or send an email for further information.


High value cargo

We arrange your highly rated cargo efficient and fully confidential. You will find more information under the shortcut Cargo.

Music tours

We tailor your tour travel, providing a flexible schedule that you can control. No matter if it’s a one-off concert or a full tour, the solution is among our employees. You will find more information under the shortcut VIP/Private.

Road shows

All kind of road shows to multiple destinations can be organized.

Film and Television

If you are you interested in arranging a series of crew transports, filming adventure or want some special military flying prospects for your next movie then you should contact our Managing Director who will guide you.

Ambulance Flights / Medevac

We offer a rapid response service and can arrange an air ambulance, medevac or medical transportation service for almost everyone. Call us for quick response.