• Rent your own aircraft

Rent your own aircraft

Get into Charter – inspired by others

We believe the future of ad hoc aviation lies in its ability to become more efficient. We offer our clients quick quotes with aviation insight on their personal demands for charter flights. This is achieved via immediate access to several of the operators interested in meeting your personal needs, those with no immediate access is will be contacted separately why more or less every operator is covered.

Welcome to one of the best companies within air charter and aviation where we bring aviation professionals together to offer the best values and acquire a better market share. Because of our founder’s unique in-depth knowledge of aviation, aircraft and airport operations and aircraft sourcing technology, our company is set apart from other air charter agencies. We promise to provide you with stellar service and a great flight experience, maybe not unmatched in the industry but at least one of few with that knowledge.

For governments, institutions, operators and other parties within aviation who need consultancy there are a few possibilities, phone +46 (0)520 49 29 00.